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AHTN runs 4 missions that could use your help with funding

AHTN is proud to say that we have been helping the vulnerable community in Lower Bucks for 13 years. We have passionate and dedicated volunteers who help run all of our missions.

AHTN provides 4 missions:

Code Blue: AHTN provides winter shelter at local churches in Lower Bucks when the temperature plummets to 26 degrees or below, including wind chill, starting December 1 and running through March 31. It takes 18 volunteers to run one night of Code Blue.

Wheels to Meals: AHTN partners with over 35 different houses of worship to offer meals to those in need. These houses of worship are either offering a sit-down community meal or they are making "to go" meals. AHTN volunteer drivers are either picking up our friends and bringing them to the sit-down community meal or they are delivering meals to our homeless friends at the various bus stops. They are getting a daily meal.

Those in Need: AHTN provides funding for emergency shelter for those experiencing a housing crisis. AHTN has been receiving so many calls for temporary shelter that we are normally out of budget before the middle of the month. They receive a meal from the Bristol food pantry.

Shower Mission: AHTN is partnering with Bucks County Opportunity Council (BCOC) to offer our Homeless friends showers on Wednesdays from 1:00 - 4:00 pm at the BCOC Bristol location. They can also get a shower at the Levittown YMCA on Tuesday and Friday evenings.