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Temporary Emergency Shelter in Lower Bucks

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Advocates for Homeless & Those in Need (AHTN) has 4 main missions. One of our missions is called Those in Need (TIN). This mission provides temporary emergency shelter for individuals and families who are experiencing a housing crisis and have no shelter at this point in time. AHTN puts them up at The Rodeway Inn in Bristol. AHTN's Resource Consultant, Amanda Elliott, is given a monthly budget to fund 1 night for individuals and couples and 2 nights for families with children. During this time at the motel, they connect with The Housing Link to get an assessment done on their situation so they can figure out their next steps.

The Calvary Baptist Church Food Pantry delivers meals to those staying at the motel so they do not go hungry. They have a safe haven for a bit of time to figure out their next steps.

Thank you for helping AHTN continue to provide assistance for emergency shelter.