#FreeWheels2FreeMeals: AHTN offers rides to meals

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Advocates for Homeless & Those in Need (AHTN) offers the homeless and those in need transportation to free shared meals hosted by 33 houses of worship in Lower Bucks County, PA.

  • AHTN partners with 33 houses of worship that open their houses of worship to their congregation, community and to the homeless in the local area.
  • AHTN owns two buses that we use to pick up our homeless guests and bring them to our free shared meals hosts for delicious meals.
  • They enjoy the food and conversation with others and this contributes to the mental health of the homeless by having social interaction.
  • With the offering of these meals, we know that the homeless in our community are not starving to death.
  • They are healthier because they are well fed, if they choose to go to these meals.
  • AHTN runs this "Wheels to Meals" mission all year long, every night during the week, month and year.
  • Our buses need tender love and care; fuel; maintenance; insurance; and registration.
  • We depend on volunteer bus drivers and attendants who spend their evenings on these buses and at the meals, socializing with our guests.

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