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10th year of Code Blue

Advocates for Homeless & Those in Need (AHTN) was founded in 2009 by a small group of church goers who wanted to help the homeless who were living in encampments in Lower Bucks County.

AHTN was granted 501(c)(3) status in July 2011 and built out 4 different missions.

AHTN is going into our 10th year of Code Blue and we are rolling out our #10YearsStrong campaign. We are seeking funding to continue to run our 4 missions:

Code Blue: From December 1 through March 31 we shelter our homeless friends when the temperature plummets to 26 degrees or below, including wind chill and when we can secure 18 volunteers. Our homeless friends are not freezing to death.

Wheels to Meals: AHTN partners with 39 different houses of worship throughout Lower Bucks. Our AHTN volunteer drive team picks up our homeless and those in need friends and brings them to free shared meals every day of the week, month and year. These friends are not starving to death.

Rejuvenation Station: AHTN's volunteer drive team picks up the homeless throughout Lower Bucks and brings them to a church for a shower, haircut & shave, lunch and clothing once a month.

Those in Need (TIN): Our Resource Consultant fields daily phone calls from agencies, organization and individuals who need a variety of services and resources. AHTN has a budget to help with: Emergency shelter for individuals and families with children; rental and move-in assistance; utilities; car repairs & gas; legal documents and eye exams & glasses. We also can provide transportation to their doctors' and mental health appointments; thrift stores; grocery store; laundromat; drug court and other places they need to get to.